Supported Devices


1. Does Moo-O run on Macbook?

A: No, Moo-O supports iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows computers (for school users only).

2. Does Moo-O run on Chromebook?

A: Yes. Chromebook users will be able to find and download the Moo-O app from Google Play Store.

About Signing In


3. How do I get a QR code for my account?

A: QR Codes are only available to school users.

4. Can I work offline?

A: Yes but you must make sure that you have already downloaded the stories that you want to use when  you have an internet connection. Also, when you are working offline, you will not be able to access any of the online functions like publishing your video to your learning portfolio for example if you are a school user.

About Story Selection


5. Why are some of my stories locked?

A: Your teacher may have locked them. Check with your teacher.

About Spell Function


6. I have spelled a word correctly but it was wrong when I checked the answer.

A: If you are using the old version of Moo-O (like Moo-O Plus), you will need to spell the word in lowercase.

7. Why does the rocket always crash at the end of the quiz?

A: If you score below 80% of the maximum score, the rocket will crash to the ground.

About Act function


8. Could I invite my family members to read with me?

A: Yes. At the actor selection screen, tap on the "+" button to add your new reading buddy to your local device. If you are a school user, you may have to select "local device" at the top of the screen first before you get to see the "+" button.

9. Could my classmates and I read together using our own devices ?

A: Yes but this function is only available to school users. One of you will have to invite the others to act together. If you are the invitee, wait for the notification to appear at the Messages screen. Once the notification appears, tap on the message to enter the project you have been invited to.

10. Why would my classmates not see my recorded parts when we were collaborating on a story?

A: You must make sure you have saved your project online at the Story Recording screen after you have finished recording.

11. Could I save a copy of my published ACT video on my device?

A: Yes. This function is available on the latest version of the Moo-O app and not on the Moo-O Plus app for mobile devices. If you are a school user, you may also use the Windows version of the Moo-O application to publish your video.

12. When I publish the video to My Channel, will my teacher and classmates be able to see it?

A: Only your teacher and your classmates who have collaborated with you will be able to see the published video. But your teacher is able to share any video with the entire class and when that happens, everyone in the class will be able to see the shared video. Your teacher may do this to facilitate peer assessment.