Registration deadline: 29 March 2023 (Wednesday)

Competition Day: 12 April 2023 (Wednesday). Participants will record their videos at their own school or home WITHOUT the need to come together physically (by using the Moo-O's Distance Collaboration feature). They will then submit their video entries online by 9pm on the same day. The competition details (including competition login account) will be sent to the teacher mentors of the participating schools after the registration is closed.

Announcement of Results: 26 April 2023 (Wednesday). Results will be announced on Moo-O's Facebook Page and teacher-mentors of winning teams will also be notified by email. Prizes, door gifts and certificates of participation will be delivered to all participating schools between 1 May 2023 (Monday) and 19 May 2023 (Friday).
- To motivate students to read and speak fluently and expressively in English.
- To cultivate a love for the English language through a fun, engaging and immersive way of reading.
Winners : Watch the results announcement video trailer on our Moo-O Facebook page:

Gold Award
BUKIT TIMAH PRIMARY SCHOOL (click here to watch video)
PASIR RIS PRIMARY SCHOOL (click here to watch video)
FAIRFIELD METHODIST SCHOOL (PRIMARY) (click here to watch video)
YISHUN PRIMARY SCHOOL (click here to watch video)
METHODIST GIRLS' SCHOOL (PRIMARY) (click here to watch video)

Silver Award
PAYA LEBAR METHODIST GIRLS' SCHOOL (PRIMARY) (click here to watch video)
YUMIN PRIMARY SCHOOL (click here to watch video)
NORTH VISTA PRIMARY SCHOOL (click here to watch video)
HONG WEN SCHOOL (click here to watch video)
AI TONG SCHOOL (click here to watch video)

Bronze Award -
ROSYTH SCHOOL (click here to watch video)
BUKIT VIEW PRIMARY SCHOOL (click here to watch video)
ANDERSON PRIMARY SCHOOL (click here to watch video)
NORTHSHORE PRIMARY SCHOOL (click here to watch video)
GONGSHANG PRIMARY SCHOOL (click here to watch video)
Judges' Comments : "Commendable effort was put in by all the participants in Moo-O 2023, a digital storytelling competition open to Primary 3 students across Singapore. It was extremely enjoyable watching and listening to student portrayals of various characters in the story. The event organised by Teevers and supported by the Speak Good English Movement has, in my opinion, achieved its aims to motivate students to read and speak both fluently and expressively while cultivating a love for the English language. The students not only spoke fluently and expressively, they made the characters in the story come alive through the narration process. What was made evident to me was that these students were engaged and were having fun while using the English language. Equally impressive was the ability the students displayed in handling the audio and visual resources of the Moo-O software. Well done to all, you are all winners!"
- Dr Kiren Kaur

"All of the submissions were enjoyable in their own ways. Characterisation was generally well done, with good efforts observed in channeling the various emotions that their characters were experience. Some of the submissions could do with a deeper examining of how the different characters felt at different moments. The characters all have more than 1 emotion, so a good understanding of how these emotional changes would lead to better and wider variation of their performances. There are many dramatic moments in the stories and many points where the energy of the narrative changes. One thing for the students to note is that volume is not the only tool you can use in showing these movements and changes – loudness is not only way to perform something powerful! Consider other options such as the speed of speech, tone and vocal effects. Overall, it is heartening to see how the submissions are generally fluent with good pronunciation. The future is bright! Keep up the good work!"
- Mr Lee De Yi

"A great effort by students to dramatise the scripts with creative vocalisations of the characters, humorous facial expressions and by varying the tonality of their voices. I was impressed by how articulate and fluent the students were and laughed at the humour contained in the videos. Good cooperation and teamwork could be seen from the videos. Keep trying, working hard and improving on your craft. Hope you had fun too!"
- Ms Sophia Huang

"Well done to the participants! Smooth reading in general for all. Those who attempted 'Help Hilary Help' tended to fare better. They were able to immerse in the drama and enliven the reading of the script."
- Dr Donna Lim

"Well done to all the teams! 😊
For all the teams, reading is generally fluent with very few mispronunciations. There are some teams who incorporated very creative use of voice, sound and facial expression. These really help to engage the viewer throughout the performance! Through the use of these elements, they were also able to bring across the subtle meanings beyond the text to the readers succinctly, hence enhancing their Moo-O performances.
Continue to read widely and may you always find joy in reading!"
- Ms. Melody Heng

"Congratulations, teachers and students! Amazing work indeed! Your performances were so interesting that I found it hard to stop in the middle of my review. From the way you presented the stories, it is obvious that you have invested a great deal of effort in understanding the storyline and the personality of each character. I am also thrilled by your creative use of all available resources (your lips, your eyes, your eyebrows, your voice and even your teeth…) in order to bring the story to life. So, keep up your good work and I look forward to your next production!"
- Dr Andrina Lou

"Most teams have put in an excellent effort in delivering the story they have chosen. Teams that do well have utilized a balance of excellent pronunciation, pacing and expressive voice. This made each character come alive. This is supported with creative use of sounds and music to set the mood at appropriate points of the story.
Teams that have done well placed particular attention in pronouncing words such as "the" (thuh)."
- Mr Zulkifli Amin

1) Dr Kiren Kaur
English Language & Literature,
National Institute of Education.
Dr Kiren Kaur d/o Ratan Singh is currently lecturing at NIE. She runs the postgraduate English programs for trainee teachers at NIE. Before that, she taught at Yumin Primary School and has had about 15 years of primary school teaching experience.

2) Dr Donna Lim
English Language & Literature (ELL) Academic Group,
National Institute of Education.
Dr Donna Lim is a lecturer with the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She specialises in primary English Language (EL) methodology courses. Her interest area is in developing literacy with a focus on teaching writing. She has considerable teaching experience with young learners and finds it fulfilling to work with schools to enhance EL teaching and learning.

3) Dr Andrina Lou
Curriculum Planner,
Good Shepherd Education Consultancy.
Working in her capacity as curriculum planner for Good Shepherd Education Consultancy, Dr Andrina Lou has been serving the teachers in Macau for almost a decade. Dr Lou has a great passion for teacher professional development, ELT syllabus and material design. She is currently working with primary and secondary teachers in project-based learning, developing materials that seek to combine various strands of language learning with a thematic focus and real-life relevance. Before starting the consultancy, Dr Lou had taught in primary, secondary and tertiary levels for a total of 15 years. Dr Lou earned her BEd degree from the University of Macau, MSc (Applied Linguistics) from the University of Edinburgh, and PhD (Linguistics) from Macquarie University, Sydney.

4) Mrs Yaxiu Greig
2/3 Dual Language Teacher,
P.S.20M Anna Silver School,
New York.
Mrs Greig is currently teaching at P.S.20 Anna Silver Elementary School in New York City. She has nearly 30 years of teaching in K-12 schools in Singapore and the United States, the latter where she is certified in Elementary Education in the states of New York and Florida.

Mrs Greig was conferred with a BA degree from the National University of Singapore and had obtained her teaching diploma from the National Institute of Education. After she had moved to the United States, she completed coursework in Gifted Education with Technology and New Literacies at New York State University.

5) Ms Sophia Huang
Children's Book Author
Sophia Huang is the author of the Nature Playtime series and Mr Roll Finds New Life, named Best Picture Book at the 2022 Singapore Book Awards. She is passionate about upcycling materials into toys and art with her three children, a hobby she shares on her Facebook page, Craftcycle for Kids. Her work is regularly featured in the media, and she has also participated in a video campaign by the National Environment Agency aimed at lowering consumption and waste in Singapore. A highly sought after speaker, she enjoys introducing the concept of upcycling to preschool and primary school children through author visits and hands-on craft and storytelling workshops.

6) Mr Lee De Yi
Mr Lee De Yi is a secondary school English Literature and English Language educator. He believes that learning in authentic and creative contexts best cultivates students' joy of learning. Tapping on students' naturally varied curiosities, he explores interdisciplinary and multimodal possibilities in the classroom. He was a recipient of the Inspiring Teacher of English Award 2022, jointly presented by the Speak Good English Movement and The Straits Times, with support from the Ministry of Education. He enjoys learning as much as teaching.

7) Ms Melody Heng
Ms Melody Heng is an English Teacher at Temasek Primary School. In 2022, she was one of the winners of the Inspiring Teacher of English Award (ITEA). She is passionate about the English language and enjoys finding new ways to ignite the intrinsic motivation and love for the language in her students.

8) Mr Zulkifli Amin
Speak Good English Movement committee member
Zulkifli Amin is Head (Adults) Service Development Adults & Seniors Services, with the National Library Board. He is also a member of the Speak Good English Movement committee.
Prizes : Gold Award (5 teams) -
Each winning team gets:
1 x Team Trophy (for school)
3 x Gold Medals (for students)
3 x Gold Award Certificates (for students)
Silver Award (5 teams) -
Each winning team gets:
1 x Team Trophy (for school)
3 x Silver Medals (for students)
3 x Silver Award Certificates (for students)
Bronze Award (5 teams) -
Each winning team gets:
1 x Team Trophy (for school)
3 x Bronze Medals (for students)
3 x Bronze Award Certificates (for students)
Merit Award (35 teams) -
Each winning team gets:
3 x Merit Award Certificates (for students)

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