Registration deadline: 27 September 2023 (Wednesday)

Competition Day: 11 October 2023 (Wednesday). Participants will record their videos at their own school or home WITHOUT the need to come together physically (by using the Moo-O's Distance Collaboration feature). They will then submit their video entries online by 9pm on the same day. The competition details (including competition login account) will be sent to the teacher mentors of the participating schools after the registration is closed.

Announcement of Results: 25 October 2023 (Wednesday). Results will be announced on Moo-O's Facebook Page and teacher-mentors of winning teams will also be notified by email. Prizes, door gifts and certificates of participation will be delivered to all participating schools between 30 October 2023 (Monday) and 10 November 2023 (Friday).
- To motivate students to read and speak fluently and expressively in Mandarin.
- To cultivate a love for the Chinese language through a fun, engaging and immersive way of reading.
Competition Format:
This is a digital storytelling competition open to all Singapore primary schools. The participants will have to use the Moo-O software to record themselves as story characters, reading their scripts. Please watch the sample video created by students using Moo-O.

Sample Moo-O Video:
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Each participating school can only register ONE team that comprises of three Primary 3 students and one teacher mentor. The students in the team will have to be either Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents of Singapore.

On the competition day, the team will choose a story in the Moo-O software to be read and recorded for the competition. The produced video will then be submitted online to be judged for its reading qualities such as clarity, fluency, pronunciation, expression and creativity. Physical props are not allowed during competition. The top eight performing teams will be presented with Gold, Silver, Bronze and (five) Merit Awards accordingly and all participating students will also receive their participation certificates.
Registration : Click here to register online
Vacancies Left : 17
Registration Closing Date : 27 September 2023, Wednesday
No further registration will be accepted once 30 schools have registered or by 6pm on Registration Closing Date, whichever occurs earlier.
Prizes : Gold Award (1 team) -
1 x Team Trophy (for school)
3 x Gold Medals (for students)
3 x Gold Award Certificates (for students)
Silver Award (1 team) -
1 x Team Trophy (for school)
3 x Silver Medals (for students)
3 x Silver Award Certificates (for students)
Bronze Award (1 team) -
1 x Team Trophy (for school)
3 x Bronze Medals (for students)
3 x Bronze Award Certificates (for students)
Merit Award (5 teams) -
Each Merit Award winning team gets:
1 x Team Trophy (for school)
3 x Merit Medals (for students)
3 x Merit Award Certificates (for students)

Supported By : Promote Mandarin Council
Organised By : Teevers Pte Ltd (Developer of Moo-O)
Sponsors :
  1. Promote Mandarin Council
  2. Teevers Pte Ltd (Developer of Moo-O)
Contact : If you have queries, please email us at: